Hero Class

Initial character selection
  • Players can select their starting CapHero character at the game interface store right at the start of the game
  • There are 6 CapHero races to start with:
    • SUPZGUN: Cats from the land of X-VERSE with a high level of technological development, soon completed the X-5.0 technological revolution. They use machine guns with long-range damage capabilities.
    • MYTHCATHY: This is a technology product created by the company HORIZOL CAPSULE, this cat has reached the realm of transcendent intelligence, and especially they are magic players. They can eat the opponent's brain
    • PILOTINY: The pilot cats of the SPACE-Z bank guard are flying superheroes with heavy fighters.
    • NITROGIN: Cats have undergone a century of evolution with weapons and chemical warfare, they use chemical weapons with massive damage.Each character is in Level 1 and has idiosyncrasies (Rate), and also has experience points (EXP) = 0
    • ONEHITZ: A mutant cat with a hot temper, they come from a farmer on a mining farm. With punches that can make the opponent's soul leave the body. Monsters will have to pay attention to this formidable figure.
    • CERBERUS: Galaxy Monsters
  • Players will receive random character rarity according to different levels when opening the character.
C1: Common
C2: Rare
C3: Epic
C4: Legend
C5: Superior
C6: Legendary