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Official CapMaster Whitepaper
Welcome our valued players/ users/ investors to CapMaster Multiverse!
Inspired by Role-Playing Games and the world Metaverse with Blockchain technology, we build CapMaster world, where there are all the elements so that players can freely immerse themselves in a real virtual universe. Here players will play the role of CapHero. Players will build not only their own dragon kingdom but also lands with different constructions and items obtained in the game. Besides, in the game, players will own real CapHero warriors and train these CapHero from the beginning until becoming a dragon warrior with unbeatable strength.
Players will be immersed in a virtual universe when participating in the game. At the same time, players can bring their heros to participate in battles to protect their land or conquer other lands. And what is really attractive is that players will receive valuable rewards when participating in these game modes
The characters and items in the Game are all modeled with the player's assets through NFTs on the Blockchain technology platform. We hope that players can truly own their in-game assets. The combination of NFTs and Marketplace gives players the freedom to buy, sell and trade NFT items in our game. Besides, Defi features such as Staking and Farming will help players optimize costs and profits when participating in our game.
To discover this whole new generation of gaming experiences, please kindly read our CapMaster Whitepaper.
Finally, thank you for being a part of CapMaster community!
CapMaster Core-Team
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